Membership Application

Before submitting your on-line Members Application, WPA wants to make sure that you are making an informed decision!

Unlike our competitors that offer all types of interesting gimmicks such as free membership, special discounts, to entice you to join them, WPA has a longer-term vision and focus.  As such, we want all Applicants to make an informed decision based on the Benefits WPA Membership and a comparison of real Differences between WPA and competing networks.  We also want you to know in advance what our existing member think of us and the unsolicited Testimonials received!

Benefits of WPA Membership:

There are numerous benefits of joining WPA not available with any other network including:

Establishing working relationships with like-minded companies in domestic and overseas locations
Having access to a network of pre-qualified or recommended/referred members
Being able to participate in “niche market” services with unlimited members accepted
Having access to a neutral and impartial network management team
Knowing that your receivables are secured by the WPA Gold Fund
Being able to attend a well organized Annual Conference designed to maximize business development.
Maximum of 3 members per service per recognized Port or Airport location unless in a well developed area such as Shanghai, London, New York, etc. where the maximum will be 5 members.
A generous interactive Referral Program that benefits members for their recommendations.
V-Card facilities available throughout the WPA system to increase efficiency and productivity.
Free SMS texting facilities between Members.
Access to the most advanced website facilities including MAWB/MBL & Pre-Alert Instructions, Skype/SMS Interfaces, social networking, Sales Leads, etc.
Weekly eNewsletter covering Member & Industry News, new members, etc.

Differences between WPA and competing networks

WPA offers the following… WPA Others
A Management Team consisting of experienced industry veterans ??
Responsive 24/7 services with offices in Asia, Europe and the USA ??
Management focused on bringing benefits to members with Quality over Quantity ??
Strict ISO aligned application processes to ensuring only top-rated members are accepted ??
Dynamic growth in membership with new members being added every week ??
A strict limit on the number of members accepted by city/country ??
A sophisticated member-friendly website with weekly eNewsletters, SMS texting and other leading edge facilities ??
Different niche market services such as Project Cargo/Heavy Lift; DG/HazMat;Trucking & Intermodal, etc ??
Reasonable Annual Membership and Conference Fees ??
A professionally organized and managed Annual Conference ??

Annual Membership Fees:

Freight Forwarder – Air/Ocean Niche Markets
First Location USD 1,800 USD 900
2nd++ Locations USD 600 each additional location (plus Gold Fund USD 250.00 for the branch office. This is to apply only to branches not registered in same country) USD 300 each additional location
Niche Market USD 300 each location

Example, you are a Freight Forwarder – Air/Ocean in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Bremen. Your Hamburg location specializes in Project/Heavy Lift services and your Bremen specializes in Perishable Cargos/Cold Chain.  Your membership cost would be USD 3,600 calculated as follows: Frankfurt: USD 1,800; Bremen: USD 900 (being USD 600 covering a 2nd location and USD 300 for Niche Market) and Hamburg USD 900 (being USD 600 for a 3rd location and USD 300 for Niche Market)

Gold Fund

Every WPA member that is a Freight Forwarder – Air/Ocean is required to participate in the WPA Gold Fund at a cost of USD 500 per annum which covers all the Members’ registered office in that country.  The WPA Gold Fund is NOT applicable to Niche Market Members (unless they elect to join) and they are not eligible or covered by the WPA Gold Fund.  If Members would like to add unregistered offices within the same country to the WPA Gold Fund, an additional USD 250 per additional branch applies.

IMPORTANT: A key rule to being a member of WPA and the Gold Fund – after you have been approved and announced as a member – that we have the following “3 Strikes and you are out” in place. If a current member is reported 3 times by other WPA members about tardy payments on open invoices, WPA will place that offending member on “Membership Hold” until the board is satisfied that their financial standing is stable. Once the WPA board agrees they are safe to continue we will take them off “Membership Hold” and announce the same to the network members. If the WPA board have lack of confidence that this offending member cannot and will not meet our strict Gold Fund rules for future, they will be terminated.

  • ""Without participation it would just be a black hole where people would throw money in, never to be seen again" says Robert Hoogervorst COO of Cargo Transport of Brisbane, Australia."

    The reason your in WPA’s network!

  • "Manoj Rana (Director of United Cargo India) says: "It was a great pleasure to meet you at the WPA Conference in Bangkok and thank you  for your professional guidance and advice. We really appreciate for an excellent 5th WPA conference and congrats the entire WPA team for great organization and opportunity provided by this alliance. One to one meeting was really very effective and has already been beneficial for us .   It was also wonderful to find many interesting news and views from around the world under one roof. It was personally for me a good experience and helped us at United Cargo to personally know more partners across the WPA network.Thank you again and wish you & and entire WPA team all the success in coming Years and hopefully we meet at the next conference ""

    Manoj Rana of United Cargo India enjoyed WPA’s 5th AGM

  • "PP Ayyoob - Managing Director of HAKTRANS UAE says of our 5th AGM conference: "It was really a great pleasure meeting all of you in BKK during the conference and I thank You very much for all your support and co-op extended to me. This is the 2nd time I have attended the WPA conference since joining in 2014 and I have observed that WPA family is getting bigger and bigger with potential and aggressive members"   The event was really very wonderful and I had the opportunity to meet some potential partners"

    PP Ayyoob sings WPA praises

  • "Shesh Kulkarni (CEO UFM India) says of the recent conference ended 18th March 2015:  Dear Peter, Angus and Walter -Thanks for wonderful arrangements for  the Conference and I think WPA adds far more Value by its approach and arrangements...Congratulations. I Personally liked some of the initiatives you all are taking,  your upfront approach to address the issue which need attention and very well appreciated. Regards Shesh Kulkarni -CEO UFM India   I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this meet at BKK this time, Thanks once again, wish you all a great success in years ahead."

    Accolades from UFM India on 5th WPA AGM 2015

  • "Mr.Levent Guclu of Flador Global Logistics in Turkey says" We are also thanking you for your good network service support""

    Flador Global appreciate WPA

  • "Dear Angus and Peter: Please let me support Andrea’s testimonial from Euro Cargo Express Italia wholeheartedly. The effort put is by Angus to recover out current late debt by one of our members is fantastic and will hopefully at the end lead to the collection from this member.It is good and reassuring to know one has a good, active network behind oneself. We trust this is in order -Dirk Schottler Director-Novotrans South Africa"

    Dirk Schottler of Novotrans endorses prior testimonial

  • "Andrea Coppola CEO Eurocargo Italy- applaudes WPA Gold Fund Support; Dear Peter, on behalf of the ECx group I locally represent in Italy, I wanted to express our satisfaction to the WPA board for the way a receivables issue was managed by you guys. Since the day we joined in 2011, we’ve worked with many members and together we achieved unexpected targets and occasionally we also had hard times.Luckily we’ve been always able to sort all our “daily business issues” with other members, so we never called the WPA board to be involved in. Only a few months ago, and after three years of our active participation to the network’s life, we recorded a delayed payment by one member. After notifying the network, according to Gold Fund rules, we were impressed by the immediate and reliable reaction of the WPA board. The daily support of Angus has been precise and regular and we never felt alone on the attempt to collect our credits.The strenuous team effort put in place was effective and successful and we believe the whole family must be aware of this strength.It’s when a member is in need that you see the network indeed! All the best Andrea "

    Andrea Coppola CEO Eurocargo Italy- applaudes WPA Gold Fund Support

  • "Mr. David Akintade CEO of Teximarco/Nigeria says in response to the current WPA strategy to "weed out" non-performers or tardy payers -  "It is well understood. I believe you're doing the right thing. Many people want to get rich quickly without making efforts in right way, of course,it is not done that way. Thank you for protecting the faithful ones, I support you, you're doing a nice work and God will always help you. Well done. We look forward to seeing all of you again during the next convention in March 2015 ".  "

    David Akintade – Teximarco Nigeria

  • "Andrea Savi (CEO - Savitransport Italy) writes to WPA Directors Peter Van der Knaap/ Angus Morrison about their focused support in chasing invoices late for payment - " I just wanted to touch base with you both to thank you so much for your assistance with this. I know that we have not yet received the funds from them, but your help is very much appreciated and I believe of fundamental importance. It is a pity that you have to exert this much pressure on a member agent, but we can only hope they learn from this.  I am sure you will be advised when funds are wired.  Again, your intervention has been outstanding and thank you both so much.  As always, my very best personal regards, Andrea."

    CEO Savitransport Italy – Appreciates WPA admin support

  • "Anne Omwandhlo CEO Multitrans Kenya says "WPA is a well organized with very active members and this network has benefited my company enormously. The conferences are "must be there" event, very productive. We are members of a few other network but find WPA to be the most beneficial"  "

    Multitrans Kenya accolades for WPA

  • "We joined WPA in August this year.   This is now November, almost December, and already, we have doubled our return of investment!!!!"

    Paul Fegan of Ecosse World Logistics, Budapest, Hungary

  • "Appreciate your work in getting us set up and running promptly.  We’ve already had a lot of interest from members and a couple of enquiries which just proves how important this type of network is."

    Mike Foulds of Mayflower Global Logistics, Southampton, UK

  • "We are happy to hear this good news from you and Teximarco International Ltd of Lagos Nigeria wishes to be one of the first members who will like to congratulate the president, the administrators, the marketing teams and other personnels who had worked hard to make WPA to be flying. In the past, WPA was crawling, latter walking, after that running, but now FLYING.  David Akintade and his team in Lagos Nigeria are happy to be associated with a winner, WPA is a winning team."

    David Akintade of Teximarco International, Lagos, Nigeria

  • "Thank you for your email.  In the meantime [withing 2 days of joining WPA,] I have received at least 30 emails from WPA members around the world and we sent already an airfreight shipment to Jakarta.  Let me say: We are proud to be a WPA Member."

    Mark R. Ackermann of Medeg Logistik, Zurich, Switzerland

  • "Honestly we are very satisfy in work with WPA, we also are develop some good agents that are caring our cargo very well.  Since beginning we feel better due your care and attention.  It´s our really pleasure be part of WPA Team!"

    Carlos Leonel Reichenbach of Lince Logística Ltda, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • "WPA turns a great surprise to us:  when we decided to join in a Agent Group, all agents that we contact are very hard workable and give us real good support in develop more cargos."

    Carlos Leonel Reichenbach of Lince Logística Ltda, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • "So far, we found WPA is a very aggressive and strong organization which can provide us very useful information from overseas agents. The website you design is easy to use."

    Brenda Tseng of Alphalog Freight System, Taipei, Taiwan

  • "I’m writing to thank you for all the great job and assistance to us during the past one year.  Through WPA networking, we are acknowledged more than 80 new agents, and started cooperation with at least 20 of them during one year.  It is just like a magic we start and from ZERO, and there is no denying the fact that, without WPA stage, we could never accomplish that.  It is also witnessed more and more agent are coming to join WPA.  It is more than glad of us to see WPA growing up rapidly and smoothly. Thanks again for all the great efforts &arrangement on WPA 2nd annual meeting.  We are very grateful for such a detailed account of your activities.  It is certain to help increase our future cooperation."

    Amy Qu of Premiere Logistics

  • "We had a great impression from WPA. You guys are always ready to support us and members directory is really interesting."

    Milena Araujo ;Fox Cargo do Brasil Ltda

  • "We are very glad to be a member of WPA and we have very good expectations for our future business life with WPA. We are getting on time responses from other partners and  working with them as required, we are happy in this network and we thank you for your every support."

    Barbaros Mumcuoglu of Dialogtrans, Turkey

  • Oct 2010 WPA founded by Peter van der Knaap
  • Nov 2010 WPA releases website and gains 1st new member
  • Dec 2010 By the end of 1st Quarter, membership grows to 25
  • Mar 2011 Highly successful 1st Annual Conference with 49 delegates holding 700+ meetings
  • Mar 2011 By the end of 2nd Quarter, membership grows to 46
  • May 2011 WPA achieves ISO 2001:2008 Certification
  • Jun 2011 By the end of 3rd Quarter, membership grows to 67
  • Sep 2011 By the end of 4th Quarter, membership grows to 81
  • Dec 2011 By the end of 5th Quarter, membership grows to 112
  • Feb 2012 WPA Members exceed 10,000 staff
  • Feb 2012 WPA Members exceed USD 2 billion in Annual Revenues
  • Feb 2012 WPA launches a “Social Media” package
  • Mar 2012 WPA announces 100th Member
  • Mar 2012 Highly successful 2nd Annual Conference with 151 delegates holding 4,500+ meetings
  • Mar 2012 By the end of 6th Quarter, membership grows to 143
  • Jun 2012 By the end of 7th Quarter, membership grows to 173
  • Jul 2012 WPA becomes Affiliate of SmartWay Transport Partnership
  • Jul 2012 WPA Members exceed USD 3 billion in Annual Revenues
  • Aug 2012 Release of the “WPA Gold Insurance Coverage”
  • Sep 2012 By the end of 8th Quarter, membership grows to 191
  • Oct 2012 WPA welcomes 200th member
  • Oct 2012 WPA members now in over 200 Cities worldwide
  • Dec 2012 By the end of 9th Quarter, membership grows to 226
  • Feb 2013 WPA membership now exceeds 400 offices and 13,000 staff
  • Feb 2013 WPA members represent cumulative Annual Revenues of USD 4 billion+ and 14,000 staff.
  • Mar 2013 A record 252 delegates attend WPA’s 3rd Annual Meeting in Bangkok – 2013
  • Sep 2013 WPA achieves 250th member as SGE Logistics India joins our network
  • Nov 2013 WPA celebrates our 3rd year anniversary – 254 members today!
  • Nov 2013 WPA and ELITE network
  • Nov 2013 WPA 4th AGM website is open
  • Jun 2015 Key rule on Gold Fund and ” 3 Strikes and you are out”

Membership Agreement:

Submitting your On-line Membership Application does NOT signify that your company has been approved for WPA membership.  You are requested not to contact any WPA members while your Membership is under consideration.


Worldwide Partners Alliance (WPA) is a global network of transportation and logistics companies that specialize in both General Freight Forwarding by Air & Ocean and also Niche/Specialized markets services.  The WPA is managed on a completely neutral and independent basis


Companies are eligible to enroll into the WPA without any exclusion based on market status, company size, specialist operations, or existing agent/partner affiliations.  Membership is limited to companies with an operating history of 2+ years and have a website and email addresses (other than free address such as yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc).

Membership will be limited to 3 members per service per location defined as a recognized Sea or Airport unless, in the opinion of the President, that location is sufficiently large to support 5 members (such as Shanghai, Paris, Frankfurt, etc).

The President shall have the absolute right to accept or reject Membership Applicants.  No reason needs to be given.

Termination and revocation of Membership:

Membership of WPA shall be terminated in event of any of the following:

  • Voluntary resignation of the member.

  • Non-payment of the initial Membership Fees within 30 days

  • Non-payment of Annual Fees within 7 days of renewal date (example:If renewal date is 8th November, payment expected 1st November)

  • Death of a Member operating as a sole-proprietor; Dissolution of a Company based on cessation of trading or the sale or transfer of more that 50% of the stock or operating assets.

  • Continuous non-responses to accounting,operational or WPA matters, violation of any provisions of this Membership Agreement that are deemed by the WPA President– at its own absolute power and discretion – to warrant such revocation.

  • The Member failing to maintain the high standards established by the WPA which result in excessive numbers of complaints being raised by other Members.

  • Failure to adhere to WPA's Gold Fund requirements.

  • Non-attendance at Conferences in 2 consecutive years.

  • Failure to maintain necessary local operational Licenses or Permits.

  • Any principal of a Member having or assuming a leadership position or ownership in a network that competes directly with WPA

Resignation or revocation of Membership during the year will not entitle the Member to any refund of the Annual Membership Fees.  Fees are not transferable under any circumstances.

In the event of termination or revocation of Membership – for whatever reason – Member agrees to remove WPA's name, logo etc. from its literature, publicity materials etc. and to refrain from the active solicitation of business under the name and good-reputation of WPA.

Members agree that all actions taken by WPA President in respect of Membership shall be final and binding. There shall be no mechanism to appeal such decisions.  Members agree that WPA President shall inform all existing members of the termination or revocation of membership stating the reasons for such occurrence (although WPA's President shall not be obligated to provide full details of such reasons).


Conferences are held primarily to allow members to meet face-to-face to discuss existing and new business and relationships. To this end, WPA President shall give members ample opportunity to pre-plan, coordinate and schedule these meetings.

All Members are expected to attend the annual Conference that will be held in March of each year.  Additional meetings may be organized as needed.

Failure by a Member to attend the annual Conference will result in a penalty of $500 unless there are serious mitigating factors acceptable to  WPA's President made in advance of the Conference in writing.  Failure to attend a 2nd consecutive Conference may result in revocation of Membership at the discretion of the WPA President.

Accounting and Settlement:

It is expected that members of WPA shall adhere to industry acceptable accounting and settlement standards as defined in our Gold Fund system unless separate agreements are in place between members.

Disputes and Arbitration:

The President is available to use his independent status to resolve disputes and differences between members.  Should this service be required, both parties must agree in advance to accept the majority decision of the President without resorting to further litigation.


  • The working language of WPA shall be English.

  • All rights, title and interest in the name WPA and associated logo are owned by WPA with trademark pending.

  • Communications shall be primarily by email. Members are expected to maintain an email account and the facility to access attachments in Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe PDF.

  • WPA shall not be responsible for any damages or legal claims beyond the amount of Annual Membership Fees paid in the preceding year by the specific party.

Sept 2010: Rev 01


Please proceed to WPA’s On-line Partner Membership Application